The Secrets of Creating a Beautiful Home Look


Modern fashion trends, dictated by leading glossy magazines, are radically changing the way women view themselves. More and more often ladies refuse to wear old, stretched out clothes to create a homely image. A successful lady will never allow herself to appear in front of her family in a worn-out robe. Regardless of age and … Read more

What Should Be a Children’s Closet?


First of all, the cut should be simple, with a measure of freedom, but not too voluminous, which also makes it difficult to move. For girls – these are dresses and sundresses on the basque, A-silhouette or straight. Small neat collars of shirts and blouses (no matter whether with sharp or rounded corners). If the … Read more

Childishness in Children’s Clothing


Speaking about style in relation to children’s closet, it is necessary to touch upon the topic of childishness in children’s clothing. It would seem that there is no problem: children’s clothing is something that children wear, and therefore, by definition, it has this very “childishness. In fact, it’s not that simple. When a person (an … Read more

What to Wear When You Have Nothing to Wear?


The stores will always be overflowing with an abundance of beautiful clothes, and our closets will always be bursting with the number of things collected in them. But sooner or later, every girl …will have to face him. The question. What to wear? No, it’s not. What to wear if you have absolutely nothing to … Read more

How To Choose a Woman’s Business Bag: a Guide to the Most Important Parameters


Any working woman faces the problem of creating a business image. Particular attention should be paid to accessories, in particular how to choose a bag that will be appropriate in all situations. In this article, we have collected the most relevant tips on choosing a business bag for a girl! The right business bag for … Read more

What Shoe Trends Await Us

What Shoe Trends Await Us

When the temperatures rise after the cold and wet months, we feel like getting some fresh air. Our feet may now also like to have it a little more comfortable and airy. The shoe trends for spring and summer are exciting, colorful and extremely comfortable. On the feet belong: light sneakers small heels Espadrilles Shoes … Read more


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A catwalk show is a similar to a performance; it’s a whirlwind seven minutes of a designer’s best script. A lot of the time this lends hand to bold colours, bright patterns and loud designs that leave me half weak at the knees in appreciation at the creativity and detail and half terrified at the … Read more