Remember way back when I told you to get your shit together and exercise? I did, I feel better for it. You did, you feel better for it. Wahey, we all did and now we feel great and even the disgusting weather outside can’t sway us. Congratulations to us, blahblahblah etc…

Except, hang on a minute, there’s £90 missing from my bank account. Oh right, that’d be my class pass membership that came out. And another £40? Oh yeah, that’s for those couple of extra classes at that place where my class pass had maxed out. And what’s that, a £1 charge every boxing class? £8 a month is nothing, right?

I finally sat down the other day and – dare I even rethink it – had a look over my finances. As a child, I was the perpetual saver. I wouldn’t spend my Christmas money for months – I’d rather watch the 10p interest mount up to a solid £1. As a teenager, I saved for my car in six months, slaving my way through a hideous catering job during my GCSEs. Yet somewhere between paying rent and every unnecessary second bottle of wine, savings seem to have got lost in reverie. AND, did I mention that colossal amount of money that’s being forked out every month on exercising?

FITNESS expensive

Of course, there’s exercise you can do for free but even the free things need some gear. We’re talking£100 on a decent pair of trainers, £30 on a sports bra, £40 on some leggings, £25 on a breathable tee. Already, you’re just shy of £200. However, these bits are a solid investment and if you can you afford it, it’s an investment to be made.

Once you’ve got all the kit, what about the gym membership? I’ve somehow ended up with three. Don’t ask. Actually do…I have my local gym as zone 2 London isn’t close enough to any of the classes I haul my arse to on a lazy day. Then there’s my member’s club (sorry, not sorry) gym, which sees me spend an extra fiver a week on a flywheel class on top of the membership fee. Finally, there was a class pass membership but I’ve literally just swapped it up for an unlimited 1Rebel classes instead. If was to add that up, plus all the extras (the boxing glove charges, the travel to and from, the occasional post class protein smoothie), I dread to think what the monthly total would be.

You think that’s bad? Single classes, such as the ones at Frame, Psycle or 1Rebel, in London charge £20 for a single go. PTs cost anywhere upwards of £50 an hour. There are gyms in London to transform your body in 8 weeks with a personal trainer that charge thousands.

Gone are the good old days of heading out for a run and buying a pair of weights for a few solitary hours lifting in your bedroom. Where you workout has become another symbol of status.

Perhaps the question isn’t whether what you spend is too much – what’s £20 a class if you’re on £100K+ a year (no, I wouldn’t know either) – but whether the classes, PT or membership you’re forking out on is really worth it and whether you can actually afford it.

So, are you really busting your balls or are you just there for the instagram location tag/post workout brag #selfie? I’ll leave it with you to decide.

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