How to Choose Clothes in a Secondhand Store: on Guard of the Purse and Style

Today, buying things at a secondhand shop is no surprise: if you don’t buy things there yourself, you probably know people who do. And for successful shopping, it’s worth knowing a couple of tips on how to find good stuff at a second hand store! In all the subtleties will help you our recommendations and tips, well, if you still do not think it advisable to buy clothes in second hand, we will try to change your mind!

Cheap and beautiful: what are the pros?

A lot of secrets keeps a good second hand, which are known only to regular customers. Going to the second hand, you should know the following:

  • Exclusive. All second hand clothes are original items that are hardly “found” in our stores. You may not be afraid that your clothes will be exactly the same as those of other passers-by in the street. Pick up clothes in the second hand – it is a sure way to stand out!
  • Environmental safety. Fashion does not stand still, items of clothing are losing their relevance. A lot of money is spent on their disposal. What you have worn for one season, and then thrown away, turns into mountains of garbage, which is detrimental to the environment. Buying second hand clothing helps avoid this.
  • Benefits. It’s easy enough to pick up clothes at second hand and save your budget. All things here cost pennies compared to the goods of conventional stores.
  • Brands. Who will refuse to wear branded things? It’s almost impossible to meet such people. The only problem is the price of popular closet items. However, it is possible to choose clothes in the second hand and from well-known brands, spending even less than a third of its value in the boutique.
  • Novelty. However surprising it would be, but in the second hand shop you may often find new things, which have never been put on. Periodically there are things from stocks, old collections, sales outlets. Thus, do not immediately assume that second hand – it is old and heavily worn clothes. This is fundamentally wrong!
  • Quality. Unfortunately, half of the items sold in stores are not only high priced, but poor quality. A good second hand will help with this by offering customers vintage items. Such clothes are rare and good quality!

Check the corners. Very often the good stuff ends up “over there behind that box in the corner of the corner. And no one notices them at all. So, by the way, you can find a great thing even on the last day in the second-hand shop: it’s just that the previous days no one had time to notice it in that proverbial corner.

Check clothes at a secondhand store – avoid unnecessary costs

Don’t forget that finding clothes at a second hand store is easy enough. However, you should check each item for its suitability. At home it is already useless to do this, because no one will exchange it to you and will not give you your money back, so it is worth checking the clothes at the secondhand store on the spot. Some stains, which you hope to remove, and will remain after washing. In the pursuit of savings, you can lose, getting unnecessary rags, which nothing can help.

Also pay attention to:

  • seams;
  • lock, buttons;
  • the quality of the print;
  • the appearance of the tag (as standard all tags are placed on the left seam inside the product) – so it is very easy to identify a new thing.

If you are going to look for clothes in a secondhand store for the first time, our recommendations will definitely come in handy!

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