A quick Google and read of Wiki and it’s apparent that the selfie was a thing way before the word was coined – Robert Cornelious beat us all to it in 1839, soz.

Should anyone be flicking through my iPhone library, I will outright excuse the sheer volume of #selfies that are currently filling up my iPhone memory by blaming it on my job. Got sent a new lipstick – calls for a #selfie. A new outfit from one of my fave brands? Well, that deserves a #selfie too, obviously. Some days it feels like everything I do is a #selfie. Although, after a quick consult with my friends I can sigh a huge breath of relief – they all do it too.

perfect selfie

It’s not that I love the idea and/or action of taking selfies but like most, I’d much rather be the one in control of the angle, lightening and focus when it come to having my photo taken. Honestly, I’m not even usually a fan of most of any selfies either. Like most, I subject myself to exhaustive personal scrutiny. I remember the first time I uploaded a #selfie to Instagram – the whole saga almost ensued some sort of narcissistic meltdown. There was the mild panic attack caused by the fear that whomever saw the photo would now think I was entirely full of myself and then, there was strange feeling of fulfilment every time someone double tapped the photo.

So, what does it take to take the perfect selfie? Is it the angle or the lighting or your facial expression? Or  maybe it’s all just comes down to having the confidence in yourself to stop taking it all so seriously. After all, it’s just another photo that sits somewhere among another 11 million photos on Instagram with the tag #selfie…

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