This is a bit of a weird one because any prejudice against women working out in just a sports bra has got to be in my head. Right?

But then I remembered seeing news a while back about a woman being asked to leave her gym because she was ‘offending’ other gym-goers.

So, I googled ‘woman asked to leave gym for wearing only sports bra’ to try and find that news story, to link back to from this piece, only to open a huge can of worms. Instead of finding what I was looking for, I stumbled across a body building forum thread – thank you, Internet – where a man asked “Seriously, you ladies working out wearing only your sports bra and shorts, what’s the deal. Do you want us to look or not. Just wondering….”

Not necessarily offensive but bloody hell – I had to check my calendar to remind myself what year we’re in. It wasn’t a one off either – there were so many more similar threads.

I don’t wear a top over my sports bra when I’m working out. Do I feel a bit self-conscious of my body and others around me? Of course but, quite frankly, even though I can feel my little belly roll over my leggings in class, I can’t bring myself to give enough of a shit what others may or may not think when I’m dripping in sweat and I feel like my body is about to reach boiling point.

And no, contrary to many of the responses on said thread, I’m not desperate for attention either. God forbid that going t-shirtless actually helps me check my form more accurately.

There are so many benefits to working out without a top over your sports bra. You are more aware of your body and in turn, every action you perform while working out.

Can’t we just all pat each other on the back for getting in the gym for whatever reason, whether that back is covered with a top or not.

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