Perming my hair was the last experiment on my hair. Neither coloring, nor melting spoils my hair as much as perming does. Now only natural, healthy and well-cared for hair!

I sometimes think: “why can’t we turn back time and not make those irreparable mistakes that led to the subsequent deplorable consequences that we have now?

Unfortunately, the proverb “We don’t keep what we have and weep when we lose it” applies to many aspects of our daily lives. Including all the actions we take on our bodies. As it often happens, we have to regret later on the piercing, the tattoo in the most visible place, the not-so-good coloring. I regret that I couldn’t resist the urge to perm my hair.

If I had known about proper hair care, including perm shampoo, conditioner and masks, I could have saved my hair from the damaging effects of chemicals. But I didn’t…

For a very long time I was putting off this procedure, convinced that I did not really need it, that you can only hurt your hair and get a lot of problems later. No persuasion of relatives and friends had no effect, and, putting off for a long time my desire, I still decided.

A little story about what I had to endure my hair before that. My hair has a shade of medium-blond, gray this, which I never really liked and I always wanted to change it.

They are porous, wavy and unruly in texture. It takes a lot of effort to create something more or less decent on your head. When humidity is high the hair begins to curl intensively, frizz in all directions and in general does not look very tidy. There’s nothing you can do about genetics.

When I was young, I didn’t pay much attention to my hair, I didn’t take care of it, but it grew healthy, I managed to grow a decent length, my hair was thick and almost didn’t split. To a large extent this is the merit of my parents, who forbade me to do anything to my hair.

But when I reached the age of 14 I realized that I needed to change something in my life and cut off about 15 cm of length on my own, which of course was very noticeable. My hair was crooked and my dad had no choice but to fix it by cutting it. My waist-length has turned into a shoulder-blade length.

For a while I was satisfied with the achieved changes in appearance, but at some point I thought that there was no limit to perfection and demanded, again from my father, to dye me blond. The parent did not resist for a long time, because he realized that if he did not, then I would do it myself, and then he would have to redo the work of his child again.

We bought a wonderful dye called “henna white”, at that time it was the most affordable, we did not know anything about dyes, so we took the one that was familiar.

It was a dramatic change! I can not even say whether I liked the reflection in the mirror or not. At first I was even frightened. The shade of my hair changed very dramatically, I didn’t expect it to be like that. But since the dyeing (more precisely, damage to the hair) is already done, I had to put up with my new look. After the dyeing, or rather bleaching, of white henna my hair became more and more yellowed, and I had never heard of toning methods. The length grew out and the whole thing on my head began to resemble an ombré coloring.

I always wanted to emphasize my native waves and I often curled my bleached hair in curlers.

For a while that was enough for me, I didn’t want to do anything else with my hair, especially after they started to cut it, became as dry as straw, the roots were very thick, and it never occurred to me to dye all this mess and cut my hair. At the age of 16 I only wanted to have long hair, what condition it was in I didn’t care much about.

Then, after a lot of trouble with the tangled ends, I cut my hair into a braid and was very pleased with the result, it looked decent, my hair was lively, manageable, and I did not want to do anything with it for a long time.

After graduating high school I went to university and went to live in another city. Independent life began and the desire to change my appearance appeared again.

In order to transform all this squalor, I decided to completely change my color into a blonde, because my boyfriend, with whom I was dating at the time, as it turned out, like blondes, and I certainly decided to please him.

Women are foolish creatures and often do ill-considered things. Why change something in your appearance for the sake of a man who does not particularly need you. If a man loves you, he will like you with any color of hair, without makeup, crying, and even without an arm or a leg. If a man requires you to change your image, for the sake of some of his performances, then do it in any case it is not worth it.

Change your appearance only at your own will (but again turning on your head).

I didn’t go blonde for long. I broke up with my boyfriend and decided to get my hair color back, so I dyed it blond again.

As time went by, within a few years I got back my healthy hair, which I was quite proud of. I trimmed it regularly, the split ends did not bother me much and I could have stopped there, but I would not have been me if I had not decided to make a cascade haircut with filleting.

I liked the look very much, the hair lay lush, curled, visually it was visible a decent amount. With this hairstyle I went for a long time, periodically repeating filleting, but once again it clicked in my head: “it is necessary to change something!

Having listened to the master, and after hearing that now is very fashionable Omber coloring, I decided to do it, especially because I liked the pictures on the Internet, the girls looked very nice, and I decided to pay tribute to fashion and put my hair in the hands of the master.

It all looked just awful and I didn’t even think twice about it and cut all these horrible dry and split ends and got a really nice-looking cape.

I have since decided that I would not do anything else with my hair, I will carefully groom and grow it out. Through taking vitamins and using various masks I got my hair in order, grew a decent length and got bored.

I wanted to experiment again. But not to subject my hair to some decent salon procedure, such as lamination, screening, haircut any unusual scissors there. No! I did something that I had been refusing to do for years, something that I was afraid of like fire, something that I liked in other girls and women fresh and something that discouraged me after a few months of wearing it. Perm my hair!

Now I do not understand what I was guided at that moment, but my hands itchy just to change something in their appearance, and since my hair is a little bit curly by nature, I decided to enhance this effect and fix the curls for a long time.

To choose a salon, there was no time and no desire, but was a burning desire to see as soon as possible how I would look with chemical curls on his head. Even the negative reviews could not affect my desire, even the words of friends did not stop suffering.

I came means I’m in the salon, sat down in a chair and with a naive look showed the master saved in the phone picture, “I’m supposed to the same want. The same hair. That’s just I did not reckon that the girl with the picture hairstyle did a completely different master and the cost was higher, and the solutions are of higher quality. Well, the structure of the hair could be very different, and that is why some people can get a perm and it is not particularly harmful, and for others it kills their hair completely.

The master began to assert that modern products for perm are not dangerous to hair, do not damage its structure, and in general treat it!

In order to perform the act of perming my hair, she insisted that my hair should first be washed with some special shampoo that would protect it from drying out. Even though a minute ago she swore and swore that the chemo wasn’t dangerous. Whatever.

After drying my hair, she took an unusual curlers, affectionately calling them bobbins, prepared a bunch of jars with stinky solutions and started babbling me, telling me about the types of perm, their characteristics and how to care for your hair. She was telling an admonishing tone, apparently on purpose, so that the customer had not had time to come to his senses and did not run away.

With a steady hand she began to wind my hair in rollers, and then treated them with the solution, I do not remember what happened next, because I almost fell asleep from her monologue. I remember exactly that my hair was dried and then the curlers were gently uncoiled.

The whole process didn’t last very long, but it felt like I was in the salon for ages.

After finishing the abuse of my hair, the handyman let me go, giving me recommendations for the care of my new hair and getting me a decent amount of money.

My first impression of the new look I saw in the mirror was very positive. Pretty pretty curls, neatly styled looked very natural. It’s about the same way my hair looks in high humidity, only the effect disappears immediately after combing, only large waves remain. Here it was clear that no comb can handle these curls and give a fabulous smoothness to the hair.

There was extra volume, it felt like there was a lot more hair.

At the same time the hair lost its softness and became stiffer, the curls were firmer. I liked the result, but unfortunately it did not last long. Literally after a couple of months the curling began to flatten out a little, in some places the curls were still there, but in other places the hair was almost straight. It all looked different and very unsightly. In addition, at the roots of the hair is decent branch and was clearly visible transition between normal hair and “chemically treated”, although their hair, recall, and themselves are not bad as curly. The chemical curls were dull and some not lively, they were in stark contrast to the regrowing ones.

Hair became more rigid and dry than before the perm, it was constantly tangled, combing them was becoming increasingly difficult, for the most part, they just pulled out.

Despite all the preventive measures that I have taken in terms of preserving the structure of hair, it did not bring proper results and hair began to break off, breakage and fall out. It was not only the ends that were split, but the hair could split in the middle as well, and the more of these hairs grew, the thinner the ends got. In a few months I lost about a third of my hair volume, which was also of varying lengths.

In just a few days I was already walking around with a haircut with tears in my eyes, remembering my beautiful hair in my youth and reproaching myself for not being able to restrain my desires to damage my hair and then dye it, then cut it, then curl it. From that moment it was decided only to trim hair, only to remove split ends in every possible way, to take good care of my hair, to feed it with vitamins and to grow its length.

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