Quiet treadmills were subjected to a detailed product and user test by the experts of various trade magazines and possible technical conditions were also tested. The question was whether treadmills with motor power would be louder than those powered by their own running power. According to the manufacturer, no restrictions are to be expected with the motor-powered treadmills. The fact is that the motors are already designed to produce hardly any noise of their own.

The dream of your own treadmill

Having your own treadmill at home is a long-cherished dream for many people. Because with it you can train virtually at any time, regardless of the weather and in peace. And you can do it really well and professionally. No monthly gym fees, no travel, no waiting, no annoying members, no dirty showers, no stuffy locker rooms, no noisy environment and no bad weather. You simply create your own ideal training environment with quiet treadmill for apartments.

By working out at home, you save yourself a lot of time and stress. And in the long run you even save money, because you don’t have to pay monthly fees to a gym. Fitness training at home has a lot of advantages, and not just since Corona. But some people are reluctant to buy a treadmill because they are worried about noise pollution. Of course, this concern is basically justified if you don’t live in your own house where you can do whatever you want without any consideration.

The fact is that even with the best treadmill, training is not silent. But you probably already know that. So what to do? Can a silent treadmill be the solution? Yes!

When is a treadmill quiet?

A treadmill that is operated with the user’s own muscle power is definitely the quietest training device. However, you have to pay attention to a smooth running behavior, which was given with every device in the test. Quiet treadmills, which are driven by an electric motor, are just as convincing with their low-noise behavior.

High-quality workmanship of the motors and the best materials protect the environment from an unpleasant noise development. The treadmills presented here allow running, walking and walking regardless of the weather. Height-adjustable devices simulate even simple mountain stages.

Make treadmill quiet for apartment

A treadmill for the apartment is difficult to make quieter. Therefore, here it makes sense to sell the old device and go for a new, quieter model. New models have a sophisticated technology and usually work with quiet electric motors and dampers.

Use floor mat

Even if you buy a quiet treadmill, you should definitely use a floor protection mat. Because with a good protective mat you create another non-slip layer between the treadmill and the floor. This not only protects your floor from scratches and pressure points caused by the treadmill, but also dampens your training noise. And if you sweat during your workout or a little water is spilled while running, the mat also protects your floor from dirt.

How can you recognize a quiet treadmill?

Have you ever looked at the range of treadmills? Phew, there really are a lot of them. It can quickly feel like you can’t see the forest for the trees. The range is actually very large. Treadmills are available from many different manufacturers and in a very wide price range. From a few hundred euros to 5-digit amounts, everything is there. But which of them is particularly quiet and suitable for home training?

First of all, you can’t tell a quiet treadmill directly by its price. Whether a treadmill is quiet in operation depends on a number of factors. Even partly from those that are not directly related to the treadmill. But first, let’s look at some characteristics of quiet treadmills. These characteristics are first and foremost:

  • Motor power
  • Shock absorber
  • Running mat type
  • Frame construction
  • Weight

Do not underestimate the personal factors

Personal factors off the treadmill, such as weight and running style, also play a role. A man with 100 kilos of body weight usually makes more noise on the treadmill than a woman with 50 kilos. Because in this example, quite simply, twice the amount of weight is placed on the treadmill with each step. And that, of course, makes itself felt in terms of loudness and vibrations.

It is similar with the running speed. In terms of noise, it makes a difference whether you train, for example, slowly at 5 km/h or at maximum speed with 20 km/h on your treadmill. That should be obvious. And then the running style is also a decisive factor. It can also make a difference whether you run light-footed and quietly as a forefoot runner or more stomping as a heel runner. If you sneak quietly to the bathroom at night so as not to wake anyone up, then you are certainly not running on your heels.

Buying a used treadmill – what should I look for?

Treadmills can be expensive. Therefore, the question is justified whether a used treadmill is the better choice. Basically, there is nothing wrong with second-hand treadmills. However, it is important to take a close look at the equipment before buying it. A good fitness treadmill has a long lifespan. A rule of thumb is that treadmills can reach up to 300,000 kilometers before they are due for replacement. Thus, there need not be any disadvantage to buying a used model.

Used treadmills can be found in a variety of ways. Often, private individuals offer equipment for sale that they no longer need. But discarded exercise equipment from gyms can also be purchased. Before buying, it is advisable to convince yourself of the good condition of the product. If you have the opportunity to do so, you should try out the treadmill beforehand. Another important point: the device should have been regularly cleaned and maintained.

How good the condition of the used treadmill is, also depends on the place where it was stored and used. If a treadmill was outside and exposed to the weather, it will usually be in a worse condition than a device that was indoors.

What accessories are recommended for a treadmill?

Treadmills are usually equipped with everything necessary for training. However, there are some accessories that make running even more enjoyable, support training progress or perform protective functions. These include, for example, care products that can contribute to a long life. If you want to prevent the treadmill from leaving scratches on the floor and keep the device from slipping, you should get a running mat.

Gadgets such as heart rate belts or fitness wristbands are practical for monitoring and optimizing running training. For example, they measure heart rate or pulse rate, calculate calorie consumption or show the distance the user has run. Storage tables or a tablet holder can also be useful. These are available with some treadmills. Such a tray can be used for a laptop, for example. This makes it possible to watch a video or check e-mails while running.

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