What Shoe Trends Await Us

When the temperatures rise after the cold and wet months, we feel like getting some fresh air. Our feet may now also like to have it a little more comfortable and airy. The shoe trends for spring and summer are exciting, colorful and extremely comfortable. On the feet belong:

  1. light sneakers
  2. small heels
  3. Espadrilles

Shoes with a higher heel and a wedge shape are also extremely in demand again. The trend does not stop at patterns and decorations of any kind. On the shoes it may go gladly something pictures to, for example with:

  1. Chains
  2. Rivets
  3. Dots
  4. Embroideries

Colors are also a big topic in the warm months, because the shoe fashion may quietly stand out in the summer. In addition to muted tones such as white and beige, colorful shoe models also belong in every wardrobe. Shoes in red, blue, turquoise or yellow round off every outfit and make it even more eye-catching.

Ballerinas were never gone

Some love them, for others they have nothing at all try on female feet: Ballerinas. There is also room for the flat shoes in the trend, even much more colorful and exciting. Ballerinas come in numerous colors; with and without bows; with rhinestones and other applications. Allowed is what pleases and there is so much of it, especially in the ballerinas.

Tip: Ballerina with a pointed shape look a bit shapeless, especially with large shoe sizes. A round shape is already better suited and offers significantly more space and comfort for the toes.

Material selection for summer shoes: everyone should pay attention to that

Fabric shoes in particular are once again a popular choice. Anyone who wants to come across as fashionably light should always pay attention to the cleanliness of their shoes. By no means every fabric is particularly easy to care for and still looks nice after being worn for a long time.

Fabric shoes are nevertheless real eye-catchers, although they also have disadvantages in addition to the many advantages:

Advantages and disadvantages of fabric shoes

  • light wearing feeling
  • breathable
  • usually already inexpensive to have
  • many different colors to choose from
  • easy to clean
  • without impregnation quick soiling

Fashionable shoes made of fabric are available from one or another well-known and less well-known brands. There are differences not only in price but also in workmanship and fabric quality. It may well be worth investing a little more to then get significantly more out of the shoe and also enjoy it a little longer due to the improved material quality.

Shine with the sun: How to care for your shoes properly

If you don’t want to do without radiant shoe colors in the summer, you should care for the material properly. Waterproofing can help keep dirt and dust away from the fiber for as long as possible. If the shoe is nevertheless once dirty, it can be brought back to shine with simple means:

  • with a soft brush
  • with a damp cloth
  • with a little soapy water

Depending on the degree of soiling and the quality of the material, a soft brush is often sufficient to massage the dirt out with light, circular movements. Stubborn stains can be removed with a damp cloth and a little soapy water. To avoid leaving unsightly marks, it is advisable to rinse again with clear water.

Tip: If you are a fan of sandals in the summer, you can contribute to their longevity with the right care. If the shoes have become a little wet, they should be dried immediately, preferably with some newspaper or kitchen paper on the sole. The moisture is thus quickly absorbed without leaving any residue.

Summer shoe fashion: shoe trees are a good tool.

In the summer shoe fashion models made of natural fibers can not be missing. Shoes made of raffia are not only visually eye-catchers, but also extremely easy to wear. To keep the shoes in shape as long as possible, a shoe tree is recommended. Ideally, it is made of wood to soak up possible sweat from hot summer nights.

The shoe tree also ensures that the front part stays nicely in shape and does not form bumps. In this way, the feeling of well-being with each slip in is in any case.

Knitwear as a summer highlight

Shoes made of knit are the highlight for summer. They are available as flat shoes or with a great heel. If you like it creative on your feet, you should definitely try this trend and not only think of grandma’s well-worn potholders when it comes to knitwear. Such a shoe can be ideally combined with a light linen fabric, for example, so that a great contrast is found in the material mix.

Winter fashion on the feet: boots wherever the eye looks

The shoe fashion for winter he also has a lot to offer. The boots are coming back, or rather were ever gone. However, they reappear in other colors and heel options, including as:

  • Overknees
  • half high boot
  • Cowboy boots

Those who are more the type for boots can also rejoice, because there are the comfortable and sturdy shoes in many colors; with or without fur applications and even with a heel. Suitable is this type of shoes for every type of figure. Tall and short women can tastefully combine the boots with dress or pants.

If it may be a bit more exciting, tights are the ideal companion for boots and boots. With them, even restrained-looking monochrome footwear can be skillfully put in the limelight. For rainy days there are the rubber boots.

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