What to Wear When You Have Nothing to Wear?

The stores will always be overflowing with an abundance of beautiful clothes, and our closets will always be bursting with the number of things collected in them. But sooner or later, every girl
…will have to face him. The question.

What to wear? No, it’s not. What to wear if you have absolutely nothing to wear?

But still, there’s something in every closet. It’s jeans. And they solve half of our immediate problem. A good pair of jeans will be the foundation of our look, so let’s put them on and move on.

We have four(!) options for you.

Option 1

We add a T-shirt to the jeans. White, black, gray. We’re sure we’ll find at least one. We look in the mirror. Is it boring? Of course it’s boring. After all, the most important thing is almost forgotten. Accessories! Add heels, a neckerchief / set of chains / accent earrings / pins and a stylish image ready!

Option 2

Add a blazer to the jeans. You can stop there. But we go on. Let’s take a wide belt, pumps or stiletto boots, without forgetting about the red lips and confident look. Let’s go to the pages of the glossy!

Option 3

Add a white shirt to the jeans. If you don’t have one, your boyfriend will. And you’re already the babe in a million. And the addition of sparkly earrings and studs will add
of dressy.

Option 4

We add our favorite gray pullover to the jeans. But it will definitely ask for its own color. The “juicy” color shoes and bag will be like berries on a brownie. Just don’t count on
to go unnoticed. That is out of the question.

And, although all of our 4 options were based on simple jeans, but the images only played up when we added interesting details to them.

Moral: Good accessories are like change at the drugstore – they always come in handy.

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